affordable dental insurance for seniors

  • time I’ll put  about half mouthwash and then I’ll put  half in of this peroxide and what I’ll do is I’ll rinse my teeth .
  • and just kind  of swish that around for about I want to  dental insurance about seconds every single morning and this is a way.
  • that you can keep your  teeth white like just say you eating chocolates or drinking coffee or teas all that kind of .
  • stuff will stay in the teeth so by me doing this on an everyday  basis this helps keep some of the staining down .

Dental insurance for seniors

  • in between my cleanings and I do recommend that you guys go into your district office and have your teeth clean .
  • every six months and I mean even  if there’s nothing wrong with your teeth you need your checkup just to check .
affordable dental insurance for seniors
affordable dental insurance for seniors
  • everything out make sure everything looks good and for me I don’t notice that my teeth start to staying at the bottom
  • more like right in between it  over time you know in between my cleanings so that’s why I like to go in and let them

scale so wherever I can’t remove at home they are able to scale off.

  • and white but as long as  I’m using this peroxide every single day that keeps all of the stain down to a low minimum
  • and the mouthwash that I use along with my peroxide is the Listerine I like the Listerine total control zero alcohol
  • because this really helps not  burn my gums like I cannot stand too rich minutes with Listerine it is so strong that I
  • can barely take in I don’t even make it a second if you use this one the total control zero alcohol and the purple one